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Sunshine Action  耀陽行動 


SUNSHINE ACTION is Hong Kong Registered Charity and humanitarian organization with a strong charitable mission of “Feed the hungry and warm the abandoned”.

Poverty 扶貧 Relief

Non-Political, Non-Religious, Non-Frontier

Since its foundation in 1 JAN 2008, SUNSHIINE ACTION has contributed food supplies and provided services to over 360 organizations in Hong Kong and 18 countries around the world. By providing rice, packed food, stationeries, medicines, daily products and toiletries, we have helped 132'288 low income families and some 206'979 people directly. Our medical service has reached out to a few thousand of patients and successfully completed operations for 60 patients with congenital heart disease.

SUNSHINE ACTION also strives to protect our environment and conserve the marine resources. In the countries we visited, SUNSHINE ACTION has planted more than 322,200 saplings and fruit trees as part of its global environmental program and released over 128,800 indigenous fish into the sea.  SUNSHINE ACTION has also completed several building projects, including new community halls, new homes for flood victims, toilets and water wells.

SUNSHINE ACTION serves target groups who are mainly from low-income or poor families, including elderly people, street children, new-comers to Hong Kong, cancer patients, HIV/AIDS patients, rare genetic disease patients, single parents, homeless, families in the slum areas of Asian countries and other severely sick patients.

SUNSHINE ACTION is a non-religious, non-political and non-profit organization that is solely operated by volunteers to ensure contributions are fully used on SUNSHINE ACTION’s charitable missions around the world.




耀陽行動Sunshine Action 是以香港為基地的非牟利, 和平,  人道慈善組織,在以「以行動濟飢,用愛心送暖‏」為服務宗旨。自200811成立以來,本機構已經向中國, 香港以至全球超過360 個慈善機構捐贈糧食物資及提供服務,其中捐贈白米、副食品、文具、日用品等活動覆蓋達18個國家和地區,惠及家庭超過132'288個,估計受惠人數達到 206'979人。此外,我們為數千名病患者提供醫療服務,並已成功地為60 位患上先天性心臟病的兒童完成手術。

耀陽行動」也致力為長期保護環境及海洋資源作出貢獻。由成立至今,於本港及曾到訪的國家,我們已種植超逾322,200 棵樹苗,並將超過128,800 尾遭濫捕的魚苗放回大海。「耀陽行動」亦會透過各項計劃及活動,例如「與貧同行、雪中送炭」長期食物及生計改善資助計劃、非洲愛心肯亞行、智利8.8級大地震緊急賑災籌款、 "護生愛海洋" "植樹愛地球" ‏等,來關注地球上每一個嚴峻的人道及生態問題。「耀陽行動」亦已完成多個建築項目,包括新社區會堂、災民的新家園、廁所和水井。


The Faith & Commitment  不離不棄不捨的誓言 to serve the poorest, the unwanted, the sick, the hungry, the wounded, the unloved, the thirsty, the homeless...

Sunshine Action Ltd is only based in Hong Kong & This is the only official Website.


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