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80被遺棄的貓 及偶爾安排義工團隊,幫助狗洗澡

852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org


牠們多數是人類遺棄虐打, 牠們等於無家可歸的露宿者。






SUN 15 MAR 2018

SUN 08 APR 2018

SUN 21  OCT 2018

Meeting time: 9:40 a.m.

Kam Sheung Road 錦上路港鐵站 MTR Station

Sunshine Action is organizing a team of volunteers to shower the stray dogs in the shelter located in 水尾村(Water Tail Village) 流浪貓狗收容所  Closest station is Kam Sheung Road 錦上路站.


A) By Taxi : Kam Sheung Road, Exit C - take a taxi to the deepest side of Shui Mei Tsuen 水尾村(Water Tail Village) 流浪貓狗收容所
B) By Mini-Bus: from Kam Sheung Road MTR Exit D, please take the Mini bus 601 to 水尾村(Water Tail Village)

Pass the PET WORLD.. and walk straight inside.

then walk on the left small pathway


Please help to sponsor pet foods for the program:

 - 50 Maintain 狗糧 Dog Food 22.5 Kg: HK$200.--/bag

- 20 Tri Pro 貓糧 Cat Food 9 KgHK$150.--/bag

Please also sponsor paint & repair material for the shelter.


HSBC  a/c #400-595989-838  

Bank of China a/c #012926-101-84156

***Donation over HK$100.—will receive tax-deductible donation receipts.


852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org


Sunshine Action has been providing pet foods and materials for approx. 300 stray dogs & 80 abandoned cats in Hong Kong since 2011 on monthly basis. Plus we organize volunteers team to help showering the dogs ocassionally

Download donation Form for STRAY DOGS & CATS

港幣捐款銀行戶口 For Donation in HKD

Payee:           SUNSHINE ACTION LTD. 耀陽行動有限公司
a/c: 400-595989-838

BOC Bank of China a/c::  012-926-1-018415-6

**Donation over HKD 100 is tax-deductible in Hong Kong under IRD-No. 91/10271***




耀陽行動沒有政府,香港公益金香港賽馬會的資助,所有100%善款及物資均來自各界的捐助Sunshine Action is NOT subvented by Hong Kong Government or any Government, the Community Chest of HK, neither the Lottery Fund of Jockey Club of HK.

 All 100% funding come from general public only and corporations only. In average, 98% of the food, materials and contribution from Sunshine Action to the Stray Dogs are purchased.


852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org

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852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org



852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org

2011年開始 "愛護動物"

燃亮生命、珍惜生命! 是我們人與人之間的鼓勵,無論我們人類處於什麼時候,至少都可擁有生存權利,就算每天生活於苦難之中,只要坦然面對及互相扶持,一樣可以有意義地生存下來。同樣地,對於流浪及被遺棄動物,只有我們實際的付出、關懷及照顧,才可令牠們感受到生命的希望及生存價值


牠們需要的,跟我們人類一樣,莫過於最起碼的三餐溫飽及親身關懷,為什麼? 只因眾生是平等的,同樣擁有自主的生存權利,並需要得到我們的尊重


香港每天都有很多動物流浪街頭及被「家人」遺棄,甚至每年有超過一萬隻流浪動物大多是因數目過多而遭人道毀滅,但我們是否知道牠們「被迫」離開這個世界前的意願是 - 願意? 不願意?



852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.or

DEC 2011, THE USS CARL VINSON volunteers came to help fixing the place



(1) 支票 : 劃線支票抬頭為 「耀陽行動有限公司」,煩請付上捐款者姓名、聯絡電話以及回郵地址,以便我們寄回捐款收據,地址 : 葵興地鐵站 A 出口 - 華星街8- 華達工業中心C181802B      By Cheque : Crossed check with payee 'Sunshine Action Ltd.', please attach the donor name, contact telephone and complete address for tax-deductible receipt. Unit 1802B, 18/floor, Block C, Wah Tat Ind. Centre, No. 8 Wah Sing Street, Kwai Chung, N.T. Hong Kong

(2) 銀行轉賬 : 閣下可直接轉入捐款到耀陽行動以下的匯豐銀行或中國銀行戶口,入數後需於入數紙上寫上捐款者姓名、電話及回郵地址,傳真至3016 9853 或電郵至 sunshine@sunshine-action.org
Bank transfer : You are welcomed to transfer donation through our Bank of China, together with the donor name, contact and mailing address written on the bank in slip, then fax to us at 3016 9853 or email to sunshine@sunshine-action.or

港幣捐款銀行戶口 For Donation in HKD :

Payee: SUNSHINE ACTION LTD. 耀陽行動有限公司

HSBC  a/c #400-595989-838  

Bank of China a/c #012926-101-84156






You could support SUNSHINE ACTION program to save STRAY DOGS & CATS by purchasing some of the following products under the brand PURPURPAPA.
Part of the profit will be contributing to this program.



*** Please scan the deposit receipt and e-mail to: sunshine@sunshine-action.org for receipt***

852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org


Sunshine Action Ltd is only based in Hong Kong & This is the only official Website.