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852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org

***Combined with Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day***

World Food Day was proclaimed in 1979 by the Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It marks the date of the founding of FAO in 1945. The aim of the Day is to heighten public awareness of the world food problem and strengthen solidarity in the struggle against hunger, malnutrition and poverty. In 1980, the General Assembly endorsed observance of the Day in consideration of the fact that

"food is a requisite for human survival and well-being and a fundamental human necessity"

This OCT 2017, Sunshine Action is inviting corporations to join our 1 x 3 FOOD DRIVE

Every employee could bring 3 food items: 3 packs of noodles, 3 Kg of Rice, 3 bottles of cooking oil, 3 canned food, 3 pastas, etc... to your office during

12-16 OCT 2017

Please deliver your collected food to SUNSHINE ACTION on 17 OCT.

Please celebrate the World Food Day by giving food to the needy!

To participate, please contact us:

852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org


We welcome:
White Rice - Brown Rice - Red Rice - Rice Vermicelli -
Instant Oats - Pastas - Noodles
Canned Food with 6 months expiry- tuna - luncheon meat
All sort of beans & dry nuts- mushroom - Corn , etc...

Milk powders -Ensure & Glucerna - any healthy & nutritions drinks 

Don't send frozen meats, fresh veggies & alcoholic drinks


Poverty 扶貧 Relief

Non-Political, Non-Religious, Non-Frontier

1979年,糧農組織第 20屆大會決定從1981年起,把每年的1016日(糧農組織創建紀念日)定為“世界糧食日”,以期引起人們對全球糧食短缺問題的重視,敦促各國採取行動增加糧食生產,與饑餓和營養不良作鬥爭。每年世界糧食日,包括糧農組織在內的國際機構、各國政府及民間組織都要開展各種宣傳與紀念活動。 


「耀陽行動」SUNSHINE ACTION 會派遣義工參與派送福袋至受惠人士的任務: 為鼓勵學生和青年積極投入社區義工服務,發揮所長,學做慈善。因此今年本會要求申請福袋的所有組織,必須找到一所學校的學生合作去分發食品福袋 ! 該活動可以與學校討論, 然後通知「耀陽行動」會派遣義工參與.

我們提供另外以下 捐款方法 - We invite donation:

支票 : 劃線支票抬頭為 「耀陽行動有限公司」,煩請付上捐款者姓名、聯絡電話以及回郵地址,以便我們寄回捐款收據, 地址 : 葵 華星街8號- 華達工業中心 C181802BBy Cheque : Crossed check with payee 'Sunshine Action Ltd.', please attach the donor name, contact telephone and complete address for tax-deductible receipt. Unit 1802B, 18/floor, Block C, Wah Tat Ind. Centre, No. 8 Wah Sing Street, Kwai Chung, N.T. Hong Kong.

Bank transfer: You are welcomed to transfer donation through our account in Bank of China (HK), together with the donor name, contact and mailing address written on the bank in slip, then fax to us at 3016 9853 or email to sunshine@sunshine-action.org 

Payee:     SUNSHINE ACTION LTD. 耀陽行動有限公司
Bank:     Bank of CHINA (HK), Hong Kong
Account No.: 012-926-1-018415-6

852-6888 4028sunshine@sunshine-action.org




Sunshine Action 耀陽行動  


***Combined with Mid-Autumn Festival & National Day***


following the tradition, we will distribute over 5'100 food bags for the poor & elderly in Hong Kong this Sept-Oct 2013, through 41 local centers.  

耀陽行動送出5'100個食物福袋予全港低收入家庭及老人,讓他們於節日得到溫飽, 預計受惠達到10'000貧困家庭/人:

  • Chow Po Hing Lin Fat She 僑港潮州普慶念佛社-瀝源邨老人中心

  • Banyan Elderly Services Association 榕光社老人服務團

  • Christian Soc. Serv. Net. Of Divine Providence 基督教以勒社會網絡

  • The Heung Hoi Ching Kok Lin Association (HHCKLA) 正覺蓮社佛教何黃昌寶長者鄰舍中心

  • Christian Mutual Improvement Soc. 培道聯愛會-高超道仁愛敬老中心

  • Care the Visually Impaired 視障視全人士協會

  • Assoc. for the right of Industrial Accident Victims 工業傷亡權益會

  • CFSC 基督教家庭服務-Victims of Home Violence 恬寧居

  • Against Child Abusd 防止虐待兒童會 Tuen Mun & WTS centers

  • Caritas IFSC - Aberdeen Center 明愛香港仔家庭中心

  • PHAB 傷健協會- ISLANDS 坪洲

  • Unisky 同一藍天之社群心

  • Covenant Heart Social Service 天約心社會服務

  • Society for the Aged-Kwai Hing 耆康會葵興長者中心

  • Against Elderly Abuse of HK 香港防止虐待長者協會

  • Assoc. of Baptists for World Evangelism 白田浸信會老人休憩中心

  • Rhenish Church Shatin Centre 禮賢會沙田長者鄰舍中心

  • 佛教廣度寺 - 白田邨瑞田樓/老人宿舍

  • KWH 廣華醫院 /WTSH 黃大仙醫院 - 院牧 Chaplaincy Service

  • Christian Mutual Improvement Society 基督教培道聯愛會 - 莊重文敬老中心

  • AIDS Foundation 香港愛滋病基金會

  • Sik Sik Yuen SSP Center 嗇色園主辦可健耆英地區中心

  • Ta Ku Ling Kei Lok Com. Assoc. 打鼓嶺耆樂會社

  • Occupational Deafness Assc 香港衛聰聯會

  • Pneumoconiosis Mutual Aid Assoc. 肺積塵互助會

  • Women's Welfare Club, Chunk Hok Social Centre 西區福利會松鶴老人中心

  • Kwai Chung Mutual Help Group 葵涌長者互助社

    • Yin Ka Fung Women Service 燕嘉鳳婦女服務社

    • PO KOK Sec School 寶覺中學

    • NAAC 鄰舍輔導會- SSP 深水埗康齡社區服務中心

    • Lai Kok Women Centre 麗閣婦女中心

    • CFSC 基督教家庭服務中心- 日間社區康復中心

    • Gracious Glory Buddhist Grp 慈輝佛教基金會/ Salvation Army

    • Society for the Aged, Kowloon Bay 耆康老人會 - 啟業長者中心

    • Regeneration Society 再生會

    • Chung Sing Benevolent Soc. 鐘聲慈善社-胡陳金枝長者中心

    • Evangelical Lutheran Church 信義會頌安長者鄰舍中心

    • Rehab Power 復康力量

    • Abundant Grace Family 豐盛恩典之家

  • Chain of Charity Movement 愛德循環運動



Sunshine World Food Day Bags 2011

耀陽國際糧食日福袋 2011

SEPT 2011, the USS USS Boxer (LHD-4)  visited Hong Kong for 4 days and helped to pack over 3'720  Sunshine Food blessing bags for World Food Day programs and estimate to benefit over 5600 people directly in Hong Kong.

The event also include volunteers from Standard Chartered Bank, students of Buddhist Wong Wan Tin College 佛教黃允畋中學  and Sunshine Action volunteers.

Evangelical Lutheran Church 基督教信義會-頌安長者中心


Sik Sik Yuen SSP Center  嗇色園可健耆英地區中心

Lutheran Blind Centre 路德會石硤尾失明者中心

Care the Visually Impaired 香港視障視全人士協會

Spinal Muscular Atrophy(SMA) Charity Trust 脊髓肌肉萎縮症慈善基金

Occupational Deafness Association 香港衛聰聯會

Kwai Chung Mutual Help Group 葵涌長者互助社

Retina Hong Kong 香港視網膜病變協會

The students imitates the blind to deliver the food blessing bags to the blind cases.

Kwong Wah Hospital 廣華醫院

Unisky 同一藍天之社群心

HK PHAB 香港傷健協會

David Li Kwok Po College  香港管理專業協會李國寶中學

Buddhist Fook Wai Tsing She 佛教福慧精舍

HKTA the Yuen Yuen Institute No 1 Secondary School 道教-圓玄學院第一中學

Heung Hoi Ching Kok Lin Assc. (HHCKLA) 佛教何黃昌寶長者中心

Society of Rehabilitation & Crime Prevention 香港善導會

NAAC 鄰舍輔導會 - 茶果嶺中心

Convenant Heart Social Service 天約心社會服務

NAAC 鄰舍輔導會-深水埗康齡中心



Buddhist Youth Assoc. 佛教青年協會

HK Women Centre Assoc. 香港婦婦女中心協會  太和中心/麗閣中心

Ta Ku Ling Kei Lok Com. Assoc. 打鼓嶺耆樂會社

Buddhist Yip Kei Nam Memorial College  佛教葉紀南紀念中學

HK Family Welfare Soc. Cheung Hang Centre 香港家庭福利會長亨中心

Buddhist Wong Wan Tin College 佛教黃允畋中學

Christian Family Social Serv-Lai Chi Centre  基督教家庭服務中心 -勵志中心

Tung Lin Kok Yuen Wang Fat Ching She LCS 3 東蓮覺苑弘法精舍第三屆領袖才能

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 國際滅貧日 17-OCT

Through resolution 47/196 adopted on 22 December 1992, the General Assembly declared 17 October as the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty and invited all States to devote the Day to presenting and promoting, as appropriate in the national context, concrete activities with regard to the eradication of poverty and destitution.

BLOOMBERG Volunteers visiting S.S.P. Street Sleepers Shelter

國際消除貧困日(International Day for the Eradication of Poverty)亦稱國際滅貧日國際消貧日聯合國組織在1992年12月22日會議上通過47/196決議,由1993年起把每年10月17日定為國際滅貧日,用以喚起世界各國對因制裁、各種歧視與財富集中化引致的全球貧富懸殊族群、國家與社會階層的注意、檢討與援助。提高全球的滅貧意識,提醒所有人持續為2015年「1.靠每日不到1美元維生的人口比例減半2.挨餓的人口比例減半」這個目標而努力.

The Faith & Commitment.不離不棄不捨的誓言 to serve the poorest, the unwanted, the sick, the hungry, the wounded, the unloved, the thirsty, the homeless...

e-mail: sunshine@sunshine-action.org / Tel: 852-6888 4028

Sunshine Action Ltd is only based in Hong Kong & This is the only official Website.