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On 27-FEB 2010, around 3:40 am - Chile time- an earthquake of magnitude 8.8 stuck CHILE in South America. The epicenter of the tremor was located approx. 90 km from CONCEPCION CITY (The second largest city) near Bio-Bio and Maule in Central CHILE, with many aftershocks reported between 5.5 and 6.5. This is the strongest earthquake in CHILE since 25 years ago and it's approx. 500 times stronger than the one hitting Haiti recently. This Earthquake killed several hundred of victims and destroyed nearly 50 cities/villages. 

The Government of CHILE has declared NATIONAL EMERGENCY and SUNSHINE ACTION Ltd is authorized by the Consulate General of CHILE  in Hong Kong to raise fund for this special emergency disaster. You can also contact the Consulate General of CHILE in Hong Kong at tel: 852-2827-1826 / fax: 852-2827-1119


Santiago Chile 2008

Dec 2008, Thanks to friends from Corporations CAROZZI & WATT'S, We provide a bit of ACTION from SUNSHINE  to the handicapped children House of "Misioneras de la Caridad" in Santiago CHILE.

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