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Corporate Funding

We have worked with numerous companies in the past who have generously donated their time or a share of their profits to Sunshine Action. Our partners have included Credit Suisse, Bloomberg and many more.

As a small charity, we do not receive any government subventions. Our projects are 100% funded by the general public and by companies. We are also run solely by volunteers, meaning that there are no paid employees at Sunshine Action. This ensures that your money goes directly to provide materials to help people living in extreme poverty.

Where does my money go?

  • 70% Food -- this fund is used to purchase basic food materials within long-term sustainable programs.

  • 10% Building Projects -- for instance building wells and accessible, durable toilets.

  • 5% Tree Planting, Marine Conservation, and other environmental programs.

  • 15% Household items such as stationery and medicine for low-income families.


When you donate to Sunshine Action, you are helping thousands of people in need. Our programs target a broad demographic; underprivileged children, homeless people, severely ill or disabled people, and those living in extreme poverty. Part of the funding will also be used for sustainable projects to give back to the planet.

Funding our humanitarian work will also help your company achieve its sustainable and charitable targets. We would love to hear from anybody who may be interested in partnering with us -- please contact Sunny at

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