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Sunshine Action is inviting graduates worldwide with:

  • 45 & 44 points for IB

  • 3 A*A*A* for A-Level

  • 3.9-4.0 GPA

  • DSE Six 5**

to join the exclusive Sunshine 45 Club, a student-led charity initiative. Members of the club will become Sunshine Ambassadors and will benefit from the vast networking opportunities available through participation in Sunshine Action’s charity programs.

As a Sunshine 45 Club member, you will:

  • Participate in, conduct, create, or execute at least one humanitarian project per year as a team

  • Help to solve global challenges through the Sunshine Action international network

  • Represent Sunshine Action overseas, and help promote and recruit other members to the Sunshine 45 Club

  • Make real sustainable global impact

Why Join Us?

  • Boost and promote your future career

  • Have the freedom to create your own project and proposal

  • Be supported as you plan, coordinate, and execute the approved projects

  • Cooperate with Sunshine Ambassadors worldwide (from Hong Kong, UK, USA, Australia, and more) in project execution

  • Be part of the global Sunshine Action Network, where you could meet, interview, and learn from experts of different fields

  • Develop a variety of in-demand skills such as Project Management, Strategic Planning, Leadership Skills, Marketing & Promotion, Public Relationship & Social Communication Skills, Raising Funds & Resources, Business Negotiation Skills, Organisational Skills, Team Building & Management, and many more…

Why Sunshine Action?

Sunshine Action is one of the the only charity organizations in the world that has such diversity of programs under one umbrella of Poverty Relief. Sunshine Action’s programme ranges from helping the vulnerable to protecting the environment. There are endless possibilities to develop and we are a highly flexible charity organization. We have cooperated with over 800 charity organizations in 23 countries worldwide.


Sunshine Action is not an average organization that is interested only in asking you to donate or volunteering. In Sunshine Action , you would learn and develop skills such as Compassion, Human Sensitivity, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Marketing & Promotion, Social Communication Skills, Funds & Resources-Raising, Business Negotiation Skills, Multi-layers


Leadership, Legal Aspects, Import & Export, Multinational Culture learning, Public Relationship & Communication, Organizational Skills, Team Building & Management, Global Environment & understanding and many more…from real-life projects –instead of theory- with the final purpose of training leaders capable in create true positive impacts for the benefit of humanity, sustainability of the resources in this planet and charity to the poor.

Being a Sunshine Ambassadors means having a life-long advantage of being connected to the Sunshine Action Network. You will meet, interview and learn from VIPs of different fields, including politics, finance, legal, etc… and have the ability to connect with other Sunshine Ambassadors and work together on different projects globally.

Sunshine Action is one of the only charity organization that will back you up on a background-check from major multi-national corporations, and even boost your future career. Even for someone being accused of a crime, the organization would consider to issue an official Certification or Mitigation Letter to the judge, specifying his/her contribution to society.


Sunshine Action welcomes creative and innovative ideas in the charity field and gives you the freedom to create your own projects and proposals. We support Sunshine Ambassadors during the planning, coordination and execution of these approved projects, which almost do not exist in other charity organizations.

How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Sunshine 45 Club, please fill in this Google Form to apply.

Please note that this is a long-term role, as we at Sunshine Action value long-term networking.

If you have any further questions, contact Adrian Yan at or WhatsApp (+852) 5544 9656 for more information. We hope to hear from you soon!


Check out some of the school that our Sunshine 45 Club members are from! 

  • ESF King George V School (UK)

  • Diocesan Boys’ School (HongKong)

  • ESF West Island School (HongKong)

  • Canadian International School (HongKong)

  • Yew Chung International School (HongKong)

  • University of Cambridge (UK)

  • Imperial College London (UK)

  • University College London (UK)

  • University of Warwick (UK)

  • University of Edinburgh (UK)

  • Cardiff University (UK)

  • University of British Columbia (Canada)

  • University of California Los Angeles (US)

  • University of St Andrews (UK)

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