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On January 1st 2008, three volunteers founded Sunshine Action with nothing but heart and one mission: to serve those in need.

During one of the toughest economic crises in Hong Kong, our founder used his own salary to purchase 100 packets of rice, which were donated to 100 struggling workers. From that day, Sunshine Action has come a long way, committing to operate fully on volunteers and donations.

Having worked with 30 organizations in only its first year, Sunshine Action has grown tremendously. Today, it is estimated that Sunshine Action has helped over 400,000 people directly, reaching more than 23 countries worldwide, and partnering with around 800 other charitable organizations. Moreover, we've greatly expanded in volunteers since our launch, having had more than 10,000 individuals working together for this mission.

We take pride in the many events and programs which Sunshine Action have hosted over the years, mainly in our Fortune Bag and Street Sleepers programs. 

Sunshine Action continually works to expand and globalize, with bases in both the United Kingdom and the United States, and by working with interns to further the vision established at the heart of the charity.

We stay committed to serving those in need.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sunshine Action has many different programs around the world. Our programs address 14 of the 17 UN sustainable development goals, with a main focus on no poverty and zero hunger.



Sunshine Action has done several mass programs reaching over 400,000 low-income families and individuals through over 800 organizations/centers in 23 countries. These countries include U.S.A., US, Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh, South Africa, Myanmar, Kenya, Mongolia, India, Zimbabwe, Chile, Macau, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Turkey, Zambia & Philippines. Our programs cover 14 UN Sustainable Development Goals, including donation of rice and packed foods, medicines, products of basic needs, as well as medical missions, building houses and environmental programs.

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