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We visited the garbage mountain at TONDO in Manila Philippine, an area with approx. 1.1 millions peoples and this garbage area cover nearly 25 hectares with few hundred thousands peoples living under poverty line. They spent most of the time collecting plastic, metal, or paper to make a living in a home without a bathroom or a kitchen.  SUNSHINE ACTION donated some food and other resources to several charity organizations.

We visited the house with over 70 mentally disorder children in TONDO and then nearly 30 handicapped children in QUEZON CITY.

Virlainie Foundation

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20 years ago, Mr. Dominique LEMAY from France created Virlanie Foundation to take care of the street children in Manila. Now, they have over 10 houses for these children and young adults. Each house is managed by a Father & Mother as real couple giving the love and warm of family.

Virlanie Foundation is the biggest NGO in Philippines for the Street Children and Dominique has helped over 10'000 children reunited with family, being adopted or simply changed their destiny from the street.

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