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Together with the CHEER team of the University of Hong Kong have donated over 20 tones of rice, basic food, materials, hygiene products, toys to the following organizations in Siem Reap, plus initiated the first “Sunshine Shipping Containers Orphanage Project”:

  • C.I.O. Children’s Improvement Org.

  • O.P.C. Orphanage and Poverty Center

  • A.H.C.O. Angkor Help the Children Org.

  • M.C. Missionaries of Charity Siem Reap

  • K.S.E.D.O. Khmer Social Economic Development Org.

  • C.D.O. Children & Development Org.

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  • Mission of the Trip 旅程目的:

  • Food distribution for the poorest of the poor. 購買、包裝食物包,並運送至貧民

  • Visiting and volunteering in several local organizations

  • Provide SSS Sunshine Student Sponsorship to street & and poor children

  • ***program subjected to change in actual environment, final fundraised amount & weather

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For the construction team, we have built a vegetable farm and repaired the water purifiers in CIO. We also taught Sitha on how to grow the plants. We also built two purifiers in Sok Orphanage and two more in Sok School. Sok Orphanage and its school are our new partners. Besides, we visited CDO to repair the purifiers and we visited the village to repair the toilet and purifiers as well.

For our health and education team, we conducted a health and moral education workshop in CIO, OPCO, a new partner you have recommended to us, and Sok Orphanage. The children were happy about the workshops and games we have prepared. We also conducted health checks in CIO, OPCO, and the village.

For our administrative team, we were responsible for taking photos and other administrative matters. Also, as requested by you, we have bought food and medicine for CIO, the village, OPCO, and AHCO.

We only managed to take photos in CIO, the village, and OPCO because we did not have time to visit AHCO together.

The SUNSHINE ACTION volunteers went to Angkor Cambodia, donating over 30 tones of rice, dry food, basic needs material, and stationeries to the following organizations:

  • C.I.O. Children Development Organization

  • O.P.C. Orphanage and Poverty Center

  • A.H.C.O. Angkor Help the Children Organization

  • M.C. Missionaries of Charity Siem Reap

  • C.D.O. Children Development Organization

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Phnom Penh - CAMBODIA

The Sunshine Action volunteers visited and distributed over 2.3 tons of rice, plus other food & daily products; Children Cloths, Toys and Paper Notepads to the following organizations:

  • SCADP - Street Children Assistance & Development Program

  • CICFO Cambodian and International Children Friend Organization

  • NHCC New Hope for the Cambodian Children

  • Happy Tree House of Rainbow Bridge

  • APCA Assistances to Poor Children Agency

  • COPION Kor-Cam Culture & Welfare Center

  • Missionaries of Charity: Brothers & Sister Houses

This is the first program in Cambodia and is estimated to benefit approx. 900 people directly.

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