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Addis Ababa - ETHIOPIA Volunteer Tour 

Ethiopia is one of the World’s poorest countries. Out of a population of around 80 million (2008) people, 35 million people are living in abject poverty. In one of the world’s poorest countries, where about 44 percent of the population lives under the poverty line, more than 12 million people are chronically or at least periodically food insecure.

Most of them live in rural areas with agriculture as their main occupation. With 80% of Ethiopians dependent on agriculture as their main livelihood, severe arid conditions due to persistent lack of rainfall coupled with civil disputes have worsened Ethiopian poverty.

Mission of the trip:

  • Donate food to the poorest of the poor through local organizations

  • Plant the Planet Ethiopia

  • Assessment of the local NGOs and needy people in the slum Kechene

Min. Fund-Raising Amount HK$6,800/volunteer (excluding traveling & personal expenses)

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