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After an earthquake in Nepal, Sunshine Action contacted their partnering organisations around Kathmandu to help provide materials and services. Volunteers distributed food and essential materials to several orphanages including:

  • Ardgya Ashrama Khokana Leprosy Village

  • Buddha Bhumi Buddhist Centre Nepal

  • Old Age Mgmt / Social Welfare Trust

  • Education Centre for Helpless Children

  • Our Child Protection Foundation Nepal

  • Rising Lotus Children Village - COTS Children off the Street

  • Light of Nation

  • Kaleshwor Children Home KCH, Lalitpur

  • New Light Nepal

  • Missionaries of Charity Shanti Bhavan, Kathmandu.

Nov 2014

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Seven Sunshine Action volunteers went to Kathmandu and benefited over 800 people directly. During this trip, Sunshine Action worked with the same 10 NGOs as listed above. 

Sept 2013

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3 Sunshine Action volunteers traveled to Kathmandu and distributed food & materials for 6 local organizations. Sunshine Action also recruited over 100 children to the Sunshine Student Sponsorship program, where Sunshine Action helps cover the entire years education fees. During this trip, volunteers distributed more than 15 tones of food, including rice, Dal (lentils), oil, sugar, salt, soap and many more. These goods were donated to Buddha Bhumi Buddhist Centre Nepal, as well as 3 other orphanages, benefitting over 1000 people directly. 

Sept 2012

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For this trip, with thanks to Master Most Ven. Bhikkhu Maitree, Sunshine Action got permitted into the Fulabari Temple in Lumbini. Collaborating with the Buddha Buddhist Bhumi Center Nepal, we gave 7kg of rice, 5kg of beans, 1kg of sugar and 1L of oil to each person. In total, we donated these materials to over 1500 families and individuals. It was our great pleasure have great moment in Lumbini, NEPAL.

May 2011

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Nine Sunshine Action volunteers travelled to Kathmandu and visited multiple organizations with love, compassion & learning spirit. This program covered more than 911 cases, estimated to benefit 1210 people directly with over 8000 kg of basic food and materials, plus donation on building project on temple.

Plant the Planet

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Sunshine Action has included NEPAL in the PLANT the PLANET program, which covers apple trees, orange trees, guava trees and many other types together with the students & volunteers. Our first Sunshine Flower garden was also created in Nepal.

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