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In the coming June 2024, Sunshine Action & Doctor of Excellence is partnering to conduct some charity and healthcare programs around Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.


Local partner organizations:

- Sisters of the Lovers of the Hole Cross Congregation of Cai Mon, LHC

- Gia Dinh Tinh Thuong Te-Phan (The Orphanage)

Mission of the Trip 旅程目的:

- Food distribution for the poorest of the poor. 購買、包裝食物包,並運送至貧民

- Visiting & volunteering in several local organizations

- Providing Health Check and others health related programs

1. Promotion of health awareness:

The health check-up program is designed to provide medical assistance to local Vietnamese communities that lack access to healthcare facilities. The program aims to promote a deeper understanding of health conditions and educate individuals on preventive measures for both infectious and non-infectious diseases, as well as the maintenance of good physical health. Through the program, individuals can increase their health awareness and acquire knowledge about hygiene maintenance. This program is an initiative that seeks to address the healthcare needs of underprivileged communities and promote overall well-being.


2. Provision of professional advice and guidance:

A DOE doctor mentor will be in attendance to offer expert advice for local villagers based on their health check results after examination, which includes guidance on daily healthy routines, nutritional recommendations, appropriate physical activity, and strategies for managing a healthy lifestyle, to assist local residents in enhancing their well-being.


3. Early detection of health issues:

A comprehensive health check that includes an assessment of body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and other relevant indicators can facilitate the identification of potential health concerns. This screening may detect hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic conditions before they become symptomatic. Prompt intervention and management of these conditions can significantly reduce their impact on an individual's health. Therefore, this health check up is the first step to maintaining optimal health and wellbeing of the local residents in Vietnam.

The SUNSHINE STUDENTS SPONSORSHIP program in Vietnam  (2013), sponsoring 30 childen on a yearly basis... this is the first time we met them personally in the villages.

Sunny Mak working with children in Vietnam

Since 2008, SUNSHINE ACTION volunteers have been in VIETNAM almost on yearly basis consecutively for the following programs:

- Food & basic material distribution for thousands of poor, including severely sick, handicapped, etc...

- Toilets for the handicapped & poor elderly

- WATER PUMPS to provide clean water for the villagers

- FREE MEDICINE for the poor. Sunshine Action Medicine program covers approx. 12'000 cases per year.

- New Bridges for the villages

- Visit & Food for the Orphanage

- PLANT the PLANET : follow SUNSHINE ACTION tradition to plant trees everywhere the volunteers go.

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